VMware User Environment Manager #UEM: Predefined settings (Basic concepts)

The power within User Environment Manager (UEM) aligns with its ability of being able to create a managed personalized environment for the end-user (even/especially in a floating environment where no one has a dedicated virtual desktop).

One great feature to increase the productivity of the user is been implemented by having multiple and different pre-defined settings applied to a Window setting or application based on certain conditions.

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In the following I am going to document how what does different pre-defined settings mean.

I am assuming you already have the UEM infrastructure installed and configured. If that’s not the case, check out this post.

What are pre-defined settings

I remembering getting on-boarded at a financial provider somewhen in the 90’s (oh boy..I am getting old). Receiving AD-Accounts, Lotus Notes-Account, several other access data and a big document how to setup those applications. 5 hours later I was quiet ready to start doing my tasks.

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vCenter 6.5: #SRM, #vSphere Replication, #NSX problems after SSL change (LS_Update_certs.py)

After upgrading to vCenter 6.5 I replaced the Certificate Authority certificate of my (external) Platform Service Controller (PSC) with an ‘flenzquest-enterprise ;-)’ signed certificate.

The tasks to replace the ssl certificates haven’t changed much from version 6.0 and has been document very well within the community.

After the successful replacement I realized that I had problems with vSphere replication and NSX. I know that NSX is not supported yet with vSphere 6.5, but so far the NSX Manager connectivity with vCenter 6.5 has worked pretty well (until I replace the certificates).

I had a very bad feeling about this issue and googling about it brought an old case to my attention which I thought has been fixed quite a while ago (obviously it hasn’t). I found an old chat protocol of me, Frank Büchsel and Feidhlim O’Leary on Twitter.

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#VMware vs. #Nutanix: Let’s be positive rivals

In 2016 I had the chance to attend 3 bigger vendor events. VMworld Las Vegas as a blogger, VMworld Barcelona as a regular Partner and Nutanix .NEXT in Vienna.

I summarized my experiences about the conferences in several blog posts and videos (Las Vegas / Barcelona) and try to argument why the rivalry between VMware and Nutanix is a good thing (for their customer and their products).

… a wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends


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Migrating to vCenter 6.5: Design decisions and important characteristics/limitations to consider

Even though vSphere 6.5 has been announced and not released yet   Since vSphere and vCenter 6.5 are released now, a customer engagement put me into a position to gather much more information about characteristics and limitations within vCenter 6.5.

In the following I will discuss some of the upcoming and current vCenter characteristics that might not be completely aware (are not well documented) within the field /community.

Thanks VMware @Twitter community for helping me out here. Once again I really benefit from this great network out there.

The goal was to define a logical and physical design for the new vCenter release. Within the project we will have two phases

  1. phase: vCenter 6.0
  2. phase: vCenter 6.5

We will give the GA release of vCenter 6.5 a minimum time of 3 months to observe its behaviour and production readiness. Since we might require feature from the vCenter 6.0 release we want to design that is ready for an easy transition from 5.5 over 6.0 to 6.5.

However if you ever decide to move on to vSphere or vCenter 6.5. Please check the upgrade sequence here first & check the compatibilities (within VMware’s and 3rd party products).

Current state:

  • Windows based vCenter (vCenter 5.5 U2e)
  • SQL Server installed on the vCenter Windows

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Let’s discover #Nutanix #NextCONF in Vienna 2016 (Pre-Conference Edition)

Here we go. Currently I am travelling from Munich to Vienna for attending Nutanix‘ European conference #NEXT. According to my information it is the biggest Nutanix event so far. 4 weeks after VMworld in Barcelona I am going to discover and learn more about one of VMware’s partner/opponent/threat – however you would like to call it.

In the following I am trying to do something like a pre-/post conference comparison. Most things I know so far about Nutanix are extracted from social media activity, customer & partner talks. During those 3 days in Vienna I hope to clarify some of the myths and try to do some kind of fact-checks.

A few of the facts I will extract from my booth/vendor visit articles I have written so far.


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.@lenzker visits a vendor/booth: #Runecast

This is the first part of my vendor / booth evaluation during a tech-conference. Let’s have a look at the young and innovative company #Runecast I have visitied during #VMworld 2016 in Barcelona.

Disclaimer: The following text is a personal impression and opinion. Feel free to contact me or use the comment section as information-exchange media.

General information about my evaluation criteria can be found here:

See a summary of all ‘lenzker visit’ posts right here.


Lenker’s visit of Runecast: Summary

Product :)

Company  :|

Market position  :|

Openness  :)

Booth-presentation  :)

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.@lenzker visits a vendor/booth: #Introduction

One thing I really enjoy during tech-conferences is visiting Partners at their booth. Having a chance to know more about companies that are responsible for the whole virtualization/cloud ecosystem is quiet interesting for me. What problem do they solve and how can they demonstrate/transfer the solution and the knowledge in a short amount of time plays an important role for me (and I guess for many other attendees as well).

I would assume all of us had good and bad experiences at specific booths depend on expectations one had.

I defined multiple criteria to evaluate a personal outcome

See a summary of all ‘lenzker visit’ posts right here.

Lenker’s visit: Summary

Product  :D :) :| :(

Company  :D  :) :| :(

Market position  :D :) :| :(

Openness :D  :) :| :(

Booth-presentation  :D :) :| :(


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#VMworld 2016 Barcelona in 5 minutes (Video): Personal Insights

VMworld 2016 in Barcelona. Once again it was quite a successful event for me. I had the chance and luck to extend my knowledge by chatting, discussing (and drinking) with and from all those great people during the conference.

The announcements about VMware’s current and future products were impressive & satisfying for me personally. The powerful public-cloud cooperation with AWS will buy VMware enough time to establish NSX as a key-element within the whole private-, hybrid- and public-cloud field.

For years it is the first time I am really confident that VMware is strategically on the right track.

Once again I created a short video out of the impressions I made. Since I have realized that my filming material was quiet similar to my VMworld Barcelona (& Las Vegas) video from last year I tried to be a little bit more creative with the cutting ;-)

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Using a #REST API in the virtualization field: An introduction to REST (#VMworld edition)

In the modern era we observe more and more solutions offering a RESTful Application Programmable interfaces (API) that can be accessed by users or other systems in a standardized and clear defined way.

Within the datacenter all kind of resources are offering functionality via APIs. Viewing, configuring, deleting network functionalities, storage capabilities gives us the opportunity to automated nearly everything within our datacenter. Standardized APIs are the key-element of the Software-defined datacenter.


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