NSX Host preparation failure. Restart EAM

I stumbled about a little error in my #NSX homelab today. I was not able to prepare my ESXi hosts for NSX (a process which installs all relevant VIBs into the ESXi). vCenter Appliance and ESXi are on the latest V 6.0 U1 version. NSX is the latest 6.2 version.


I found this good blogpost by Bayu Wibowo going through a lot of relevant error sources for this symptom.

  1. DNS configuration on your vCenter Server, ESXi host, NSX Manager, and DNS forward + reverse records on your DNS servers
  2. Time Sync on ESXi Hosts and NSX Managers, use NTP server whenever possible
  3. TCP ports, check if any of required firewall ports are blocked. See the NSX Hardening Guide to check all required ports for NSX
  4. Verify if vCenter Server Managed IP is set and correct. See KB 1008030 on how to check this.
  5. Update Manager service is stopped or having issues if you have VUM installed.

” (Taken from Bayu’s post)

Even though I had Update Manager in-place and installed I was not able to get it working. I needed to stop the ESX Agent Manager (EAM) –> redo the preparation (which will fail again). To be honest I wasn’t aware of this service as well, but obviously it is responsible to deploy VIBs into ESXi hosts.


Start the VMware EAM and wait until the health status is good.


Do the host preperation once again and voila….


It’s a short post, but it might help the increasing amount of people out there trying/POCing #VMware #NSX.

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