Why #vBeers (Munich edition)

A few weeks ago I finally managed it to organize the first (kind of official) #vbeers event here in Munich. In the beginning I was afraid if anyone shows up.

Since the weather wasn’t as good as I was hoping I reserved a spot at the Augustiner beer-keller (‘We were going deeper-underground’) … 12 guys were showing up (where are the virtualization girls/women?!) and speaking for myself (and hopefully for the others attending as well)… it was a great evening…

Awesome talks about technologies, processes, problems, projects, highly skilled people (we had 2 VCDX and a few wannabe VCDX on the table) and of course… one or another beer (not the small ones you might think of…in Bavaria we drink our beer in 1 liter (= 0,264172 gallons) glasses)…


So why should you join our next #vBeers in Munich or organize another one in your city?!

  1. The software-defined datacenter is getting more and more complex. IMO there is no chance ever anyone of us can understand the full-stack on a very deep-level. You need a network, a SDDC network. You need friends you can call if you have a question… Get to know them at a #vBeers event (among other events, eg. VMworld or VMUG). I don’t give support for free, but I never rejected help and/or good advice to people I had a great time with once in a while.
  2. Beer is tasty… and if you don’t drink alkohol -> no problem at all ;-) You still can get good food and other tasty drinks when you sit on a table.
  3. Switch perspectives! People & Admins not working in the service field for various customer only know their environment. From time to time it is very important to get input from other people in the same field with a different view on your environment (that’s what I like when people go to trainings and have chats about their environment during the breaks)
  4. #vBeers is tasty tasty tasty….
  5. Benefit from other people experiences with vendors and software. In the IT-field there is no black or white. Solutions don’t just suck or rock. They have pros & cons, they meet different use-cases and requirements. They were delivered by better or weaker persons. Talking with others about their experiences with specific solutions can give you a better feeling about the IT-world. Don’t trust them blindly, but learn which questions you should ask, think about which wire-traps you can and shouldn’t stumble, etc. #vBeers should not be a sales event. It is pure (for sure biased) tech- & trash talking and I am sure afterwards you will know more than you have known before (except No. 4 mentioned earlier was so tasty that you can barely remember your talks)
  6. It can be really funny if you have the right guys on-boarded (If you can’t find them… invite me to your #vBeers event, I come over and try my best delivering some Oliver Kahn parodies)

Thanks to all that have attended so far… Try to find people in your area, register the event at the official #vBeers dictionary or come to Munich for the next event.


I am currently trying to plan to have the next #vBeers event in July 2016… Stay tuned here on my blog or follow me on twitter. If anyone wants to sponsor the event… you are very welcome :-)


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