Deploying EUC Access Point via the Deployment Utility (fling) fails

Some of you might know that VMware finally creates an alternative to the Horizon View Security Server based on a virtual linux appliance. I don’t want to argue about that topic, but I think we all can agree on that many security people will like the idea to get rid of our Windows based Security Server within the DMZ.

Since the inital deployment of VMware Access Point can be really painful, Chris Halstead created a nice little GUI that helps us during the deployment.

Just fill in the relevant parameters and the small tool will create an output string that gets executed via my beloved ‘OVFtool’.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 16.18.49

In my case the deployment of the Appliance failed with the following message

Locator does not refer to an object: vi://administrator%40vsphere.local@vcsa01.lenzker.local:443/LE01/host/CL01/


vi://administrator%40vsphere.local@vcsa01.lenzker.local:443/LE01/host/CL01/ pointed to problem.

Make sure you include the ESXi-Input Parameter exactly as it is added to the vCenter, otherwise the OVFTool Ressource Access will not work. I typically add my ESXi via FQDN, therefore add the FQDN in the input field.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 16.21.51

–> EUC Appliance deployed –> Let’s discover this thing ;-)

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