#VMworld 2016 Barcelona in 5 minutes (Video): Personal Insights

VMworld 2016 in Barcelona. Once again it was quite a successful event for me. I had the chance and luck to extend my knowledge by chatting, discussing (and drinking) with and from all those great people during the conference.

The announcements about VMware’s current and future products were impressive & satisfying for me personally. The powerful public-cloud cooperation with AWS will buy VMware enough time to establish NSX as a key-element within the whole private-, hybrid- and public-cloud field.

For years it is the first time I am really confident that VMware is strategically on the right track.

Once again I created a short video out of the impressions I made. Since I have realized that my filming material was quiet similar to my VMworld Barcelona (& Las Vegas) video from last year I tried to be a little bit more creative with the cutting ;-)

So enjoy the video and a few pictures made during VMworld and let’s see where we can meet next year: Las Vegas & Barcelona, Vienna, London or Berlin.

Thanks to all of the great people within the VMware ecosystem (customer, employees, active community member and of course my comdivision colleagues & friends).


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3 thoughts on “#VMworld 2016 Barcelona in 5 minutes (Video): Personal Insights

  • 5. November 2016 at 21:24

    Thanks for sharing this video and pictures with us . I have really enjoyed your video and this is amazing . The information which you have shared with us is really great.I wish one day I will be there to attend the VMworld event .Thanks once again.

    • 8. November 2016 at 15:38

      It makes me happy you liked it? Where are you from? Maybe you can start blogging and try to apply for a blogger pass so that you can join VMworld in the next years as well? Good luck!

  • 11. November 2016 at 19:43

    Hi lenzer,
    Thanks for your instant reply. My name is vikrant and I am from India . I want to start blogging and definitely I will try for a blogger pass. Thanks once again.


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