#VMware #Horizon: Error during provisioning: View Composer Fault: ExceptionTruncatedFault

I am currently working on some datacenter migration and during one of the tests we ran into an issue where the provisioning of linked clones was not working properly.View Composer Fault: ExceptionTruncatedFault

View Composer Fault: ExceptionTruncatedFault

After the replica cloning process, all relevant VM files have been deleted. I had this issue in the past and I remembered that it might have been related to some networking problems.

The official VMware network diagram gives us the answer on this issue.

The Windows computer, where the View composer is installed must be able to interact via TCP port 902 with the ESXi Server’s management IP.

Validating it via telnet we have seen that a firewall between the networks was blocking port 902.

[composerVM] – telnet ESXiHOSTIP 902

After opening up the relevant port we were able to properly deploy our Windows 10 linked clones.

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