#VMware Explore 2024: Join Us in Las Vegas to get confident in the new #Broadcom Chapter


VMware Explore returns this year at The Venetian in Las Vegas. This event marks the first VMware Explore since the acquisition by Broadcom, and by now, everyone will understand how things work in the new VMware Broadcom era. The focus will be on VMware Cloud Foundation and utilizing VMware for AI workloads, providing valuable insights and updates for all attendees.

Why Attend VMware Explore? Here Are 10 Compelling Reasons:

  1. Connect and Network Forge meaningful connections with fellow datacenter enthusiasts. Whether you’re meeting new people, sharing a meal, or engaging in business discussions, VMware Explore is the perfect platform to build lasting relationships. Contribute to the community through blogs, tweets, or vBeers, and you’ll find that giving often leads to receiving valuable insights and support.
  2. Explore the Solutions Exchange Dive into the heart of the software-defined datacenter and multi-cloud ecosystem. The Solutions Exchange offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the latest innovations. Take the time to have in-depth discussions with booth representatives, and if needed, schedule one-on-one meetings to address your specific needs and ideas.
  3. Attend High-Quality Breakout Sessions Choose from a wide array of breakout sessions tailored to enhance your knowledge and skills. With your VMware Explore ticket, you’ll have access to all sessions, even after the event. Make sure to check out William Lam’s comprehensive collection of direct links to previous sessions for a preview of the valuable content you can expect.
  4. Engage with the Community at VMTN Visit the VMTN booth and participate in discussions at the blogger table. Share your expertise or learn from others in an inclusive, community-focused environment. Submit your own session proposal or simply absorb the wealth of knowledge available. Unfortunalty vBrownbag will not attending this year anymore, but don’t forget to join the VMware #code program at the community booth.
  5. Meet the Experts VMware Explore will host a high concentration of industry experts. Arrange meetings to discuss specific challenges, wishes, or design and product questions. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gain insights directly from the best in the field.
  6. Pre-Event Networking Connect with attendees in advance on Twitter/X/TikTok/LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Discover what’s happening in Las Vegas, organize or join public meetings and events, and stay updated on vendor and community-sponsored evening activities. Don’t miss the various late-night events—register early to secure your spot.
  7. Participate in the Hackathon Join the hackathon for a collaborative and intellectually stimulating experience. Work alongside brilliant minds to tackle specific problems. Even with limited time and resources, the hackathon is a fantastic way to engage with peers and enjoy a creative challenge.
  8. Meet the Community and Social Media Team One of the highlights every year is the community booth, where you can interact with bloggers and active community members. Engage with VMware’s social media team Eric Nielsen’s team (including Corey Romero) and others who make this community vibrant and welcoming.
  9. Return to Work with New Ideas Gain fresh perspectives and innovative solutions that you can apply in your daily job. Engaging with thousands of smart, forward-thinking individuals will open your mind to new technologies, methodologies, and problem-solving approaches.
  10. Discover Business and Job Opportunities While this may not be the main argument for convincing your boss, the potential to uncover new business and job opportunities within the SDDC and cloud sectors is significant. Understanding the market and environment at VMware Explore will help you identify and seize these opportunities.

Ready to Transform Your Career?

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your skills, network with industry leaders, and explore the latest in VMware technology. Convince your boss and register here for VMware Explore 2024 [don’t miss the early bird chance until the 11th June]. See you in Las Vegas!

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