Why learn on vLenzker

This is the intro to a new series I wanted to write about for a long time. Besides the let’s learn section where I give an overview of places and classes where concrete knowledge is stored, I want to also share my opinion on why you (the tech-people) should learn more about specific products and technologies. Or in short – give you some arguments why it makes sense to invest time in specific tools/solutions.

When I say tech-people we are talking about people being specialists within their domain. Some with deeper, some with less deeper knowledge. To grow your expertise within your domain you need motivation, courage, time and other reasons to do so. If you read this you most probably will be feeling comfortable in the world of server virtualization. If that’s the case you know the fact that our domain is not ‘just’/only server virtualization. It’s much more than that. For the business we are the domain infrastructure. We deliver services and the technical foundation that the business is able to do what it needs to do. This infrastructure consists of many different components and IT systems requiring from time to time completely different indept know-how (people).

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