Horizon View Update to 7.0.1 warning: Connectivity problems due to changed tunnel settings

We observed a strange behaviour after updating from Horizon View 7.0.0 to 7.0.1. For whatever reason the tunneling settings within the Connection Server changed back to the initial settings (tunneled for HTTPS/Blast).


This might have a severe impact if you have a Load-Balancer in front of it configured for Src-IP session persistence where a direct connection is a MUST.

Those settings define if the remote-session between the Horizon View Client and the View Agent within your virtual Desktop are either tuneled over the security/connection server or directly between the client & agent.

I know that this is not a common situation after the update, but I could not figure out what triggered this effect. Anyway to be in a save position, after updating please check the value to ensure they are fitting to your system design:

–> Deselect both checkmarks and you are back in business.