#VMworld 2020: Free for everyone, take your chance and see my top 5 sessions

2020 is different. The pandemic situation has changed the way we work, the way we meet each other. The same counts for our beloved IT conference. For multiple years I am attending VMworld which is the annual conference of VMware in person. I have written yearly posts why you should attend VMworld and many of the reasons are still valid.

This year #VMware has been migrated from a in-person conference to an online event which for sure has a lot of disadvantages like the missing social factor. So the opportunities to network in person are limited.

On the other side if we look at an IT conference like #VMworld, we must admit it is something that locks out many persons who are not privileged enough to pay for the travel & hotel, conference pass and further expenditures (which can be easiliy added up to 5000-10000$ for a week in San Francisco where VMworld would have taken place).

This year is a chance to experience VMworld for a minimum of capital invest, because it is free. Everyone can experience certain live-sessions or around 700 pre-recorded technical sessions around the #VMware portfolio.

Two passes exist:

  • General Pass: Access to on-demand an live sessions.
  • Premier Pass: Cost 299$ (available until 22th September) which includes 1:1 technical expertise sessions, guided labs, exam-vouch and many more.

Check out the details here.

I love the approach that everyone can access #VMworld and maybe for the future the online event might be an addition to the physical VMworld which would lead to a VMworld US, VMworld Europe and VMworld online [with Edge locations where VMware customers, partners, fans can meet in person]. I would highly appreciate that.

Personally me and my comdivision friend we will make a in-person event out of it to still experience the social character of VMworld. I am really looking forward for it.

What’s next?

Register for VMworld

Check out my top 5 VMware sessions this year:

  1. VMware and NVIDIA CEOs Discussion on AI and ML [VI3178]: NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang and VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger discussing about the technological future of Aritificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  2. How to Architect for Success: Ask the EUC VCDXs [DWHV2826] – Including EUC all-stars like my colleague and friend Jens Hennig, Sean Massey, Johan van Amersfoort, Maarten Caus,
  3. 60 Minutes of NUMA [HCP2453] – Frank Denneman will abstract the complex topic of CPUs and NUMA characteristics into an understandable form, including latest CPUs like AMD’s EPYC2, etc.
  4. VEBA and the Power of Event-Driven Automation – Reloaded [HCP1358] – William Lam and Michael Gasch talk about the VMware Event Broker Appliance (VEBA) which was released last year. The idea is that certain events can trigger certain automation task in your environment. Definetly a hot topic over the next years since this will lead to a certain form of intrinsic automation.
  5. NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Migration: Real-World Experience [VCNC1590] – NSX (for vSphere) is dead, long live NSX(-T). The migration projects are coming more often and an exchange of experience is quite needed.

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