Lenzker’s Why VMworld 2019 ? 10 Reasons Why You Should Go

It’s this time of the year again where a lot of us need to decide. Shall I go to this year’s VMworld? From time to time discussions come up with statements like:

“(#VMworld) is not the same any more…..When I was young, real knowledge and content was presented… . I was at #VMworld in the old days before it was cool….Virtualization is legacy, Azure and AWS is the only thing that counts”

Who am I to contradict those statements (even though they are wrong :P). I will try to give you my opinion why #VMworld is still the tech-conference highlight of the year.

If it’s your first time visiting VMware’s event I am going to create a second article called ‘let’s visit #VMworld’ about some personal tips and tricks how to get the maximum out of this years #VMworld

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Let’s discover #Nutanix #NextCONF in Vienna 2016 (Pre-Conference Edition)

Here we go. Currently I am travelling from Munich to Vienna for attending Nutanix‘ European conference #NEXT. According to my information it is the biggest Nutanix event so far. 4 weeks after VMworld in Barcelona I am going to discover and learn more about one of VMware’s partner/opponent/threat – however you would like to call it.

In the following I am trying to do something like a pre-/post conference comparison. Most things I know so far about Nutanix are extracted from social media activity, customer & partner talks. During those 3 days in Vienna I hope to clarify some of the myths and try to do some kind of fact-checks.

A few of the facts I will extract from my booth/vendor visit articles I have written so far.


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.@lenzker visits a vendor/booth: #Runecast

This is the first part of my vendor / booth evaluation during a tech-conference. Let’s have a look at the young and innovative company #Runecast I have visitied during #VMworld 2016 in Barcelona.

Disclaimer: The following text is a personal impression and opinion. Feel free to contact me or use the comment section as information-exchange media.

General information about my evaluation criteria can be found here:

See a summary of all ‘lenzker visit’ posts right here.


Lenker’s visit of Runecast: Summary

Product :)

Company  :|

Market position  :|

Openness  :)

Booth-presentation  :)

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.@lenzker visits a vendor/booth: #Introduction

One thing I really enjoy during tech-conferences is visiting Partners at their booth. Having a chance to know more about companies that are responsible for the whole virtualization/cloud ecosystem is quiet interesting for me. What problem do they solve and how can they demonstrate/transfer the solution and the knowledge in a short amount of time plays an important role for me (and I guess for many other attendees as well).

I would assume all of us had good and bad experiences at specific booths depend on expectations one had.

I defined multiple criteria to evaluate a personal outcome

See a summary of all ‘lenzker visit’ posts right here.

Lenker’s visit: Summary

Product  :D :) :| :(

Company  :D  :) :| :(

Market position  :D :) :| :(

Openness :D  :) :| :(

Booth-presentation  :D :) :| :(


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