#vBeers Munich – Post #VMworld edition 26th October 2017

###UPDATE: 26th October it is

The majority has decided. We will meet on the 26th October at around 6PM. Please enter your / any name in the doodle so that I can make a proper reservation.



After the success of the first #vBeers I have organized in Munich, I want to meet up with friends & community geeks who are interested in virtualization & beer/drinks.

Since I moderate from time to time the (famous) #beer2b in the center of Munich, I realized that a lot of useful input/information/thinking can come up as soon as you talk to other people in the field in a relaxed atmosphere. This will be the second edition of #vBeers in Munich. We had a group of 10-12 people at our first gathering. Let’s see if we can keep up with the number.

Since VMworld US and VMworld Europe has been passed and we worked out most of the news, I am pretty sure we will find great topics for further discussions.



WHEN26th October (Vote here). Please use your name/ email so that I can do a proper reservation.

WHERE? Augustiner Keller (Arnulfstr. 52, 80335 München)

Löwenbräu Keller (Nymphenburger Str 2 – München) – 18:30

IMPORTANT: If you want to come it would be great if you sign yourself up in the doodle mentioned so I can make sure we have enough space/seats for our meet-up.

Sponsored? Nope ;-( (BYOW – Bring your own wallet)

I deliver a NSX course to selected VMware Partner in Unterschleißheim. Therefore I hope to convince some of my participants to show up as well ;-)


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Why #vBeers (Munich edition)

A few weeks ago I finally managed it to organize the first (kind of official) #vbeers event here in Munich. In the beginning I was afraid if anyone shows up.

Since the weather wasn’t as good as I was hoping I reserved a spot at the Augustiner beer-keller (‘We were going deeper-underground’) … 12 guys were showing up (where are the virtualization girls/women?!) and speaking for myself (and hopefully for the others attending as well)… it was a great evening…

Awesome talks about technologies, processes, problems, projects, highly skilled people (we had 2 VCDX and a few wannabe VCDX on the table) and of course… one or another beer (not the small ones you might think of…in Bavaria we drink our beer in 1 liter (= 0,264172 gallons) glasses)…


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