#Horizon View: Cannot add Desktop Pools to a global entitlement

Introducing the Cloud Pod Architecture and Global entitlements within Horizon View was quite an important step. Suddenly the boundaries of having a Pool per Cluster was dealt with.

Since there is still a misunderstanding about the Cloud Pod Architecture and one feature Global Entitlement, please keep in mind:

A Global Entitlement does not create a Desktop Pool that spans multiple Clusters. It puts a logical layer for the Active Directory entitlement on top of existing independent Desktop pools.

There can be multiple use cases for that. Having multiple independent View environments in different locations  or just having a Single vCenter with multiple Clusters. Since we are dealing with independent pools (and just putting a logical entitlement layer on top of it) all the templates and Desktop pool operations must be done local on each pool.


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Horizon View Update to 7.0.1 warning: Connectivity problems due to changed tunnel settings

We observed a strange behaviour after updating from Horizon View 7.0.0 to 7.0.1. For whatever reason the tunneling settings within the Connection Server changed back to the initial settings (tunneled for HTTPS/Blast).


This might have a severe impact if you have a Load-Balancer in front of it configured for Src-IP session persistence where a direct connection is a MUST.

Those settings define if the remote-session between the Horizon View Client and the View Agent within your virtual Desktop are either tuneled over the security/connection server or directly between the client & agent.

I know that this is not a common situation after the update, but I could not figure out what triggered this effect. Anyway to be in a save position, after updating please check the value to ensure they are fitting to your system design:

–> Deselect both checkmarks and you are back in business.