#NSX troubleshooting: change log-level of netcpa.log

I am currently troubleshooting some minor issues in my homelab and therefore needed to get more information about the ESXi <–> NSX-Controller interaction (Picture taken from the VMware’s Reference Design: VMware® NSX for vSphere).

Reference Design: VMware® NSX for vSphere (NSX)


Therefore I wanted to increase the detail-level of the netcpa.log file.

To do so, go to your ESXi shell (direct or via SSH) and make a backup of the original netcpa.xml configuration file.

cp /usr/lib/vmware/netcpa/etc/netcpa.xml /usr/lib/vmware/netcpa/etc/netcpa.xml.bak

Next step would be to make the netcpa.xml file writeable (I know I am lazy, but since we revert the old .xml file after our troubleshooting I can deal with it).

chmod +wt /usr/lib/vmware/netcpa/etc/netcpa.xml

afterwards change the following section in the file from info to verbose or trivia:

<!– log level is one of the 2 user configurable setting –>
<!– configurable levels : panic, error, warning, info, verbose, trivia –>
<!– log levels are listed in increasing amount of logging done –>
<!– use trivia to get most detailed logging for providing logs to VMware Support –>

<level>info verbose or trivia</level>

Restart the services on your host services.sh restart (Don’t do that if you have LACP up and running – that might cause problems)

Have fun observing via

tail -f /var/log/netcpa.log

the communication between ESXi’s userworld netcpa and the corresponding NSX-Controller.




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