#VMworld Barcelona: Adios Amigos. My Personal Recap

VMworld 2018 Europe in Barcelona is about to end, but other than the rumors on the street proposed it seems that the newest rumor fact is that we will meet again next year for VMworld 2019 in  ….. BARCELONA… 4-7th November 2019

Having been in Las Vegas at this years VMworld, I didn’t expected that the European conference would flash me that much. But once again in my life I was wrong.

My Goal of this week

  1. Meet the people (check)
  2. Propagate the vExpert message among the German fellows (partially check)
  3. Learn about NSX-T (check)
  4. Learn about Workspace One Intelligence (check)
  5. Deliver a good presentation at Brian Maddens EUC Forum (partially check)
  6. Stay Healthy (DISQUALIFIED)

Comparing the check-mark I am really really happy with the results

Meet the people

Coming to more and more VMworlds over the years brought me into the position of knowing some persons in the field. The more I have been in the vCommunity, the more you realize how small the world is. It’s always so much fun hanging around with my comdivision gang. If you don’t follow them yet on twitter – get connected with Workspace ONE gurus Jens Hennig, Reinhard Partman and Automation / Cloud gurus Matthias Eisner, Yves Sandfort and Tobias Paschek.

Hanging around at the VMTN & vmware.code booth most of my time I had so many great conversations about technical and non-technical topics (‘crazy taxidriver’). I really need to do a shoutout to Brian Graf here. Every time you see him he is in a friendly, polite and nice mood and acts as a real good example of a great person. Very impressive and inspiring!

If you want to see the Interview I have given to my Ather Beg from Rackspace regarding NSX, check it out here:

Propagate the vExpert program

Since as a vExpert Pro I am in the role of bringing/motivating people to join the vExpert family. This program is based on members that are passionate about VMware technologies and spread the word about their experience and how they get stuff working & understandable.

As I told to some of the German fellows wh0 were interested in the program. I can show you the door, but you need to step through it on your own.

So if you read this here. Create content, communicate with the other vFellows, share your pain, share your solutions. Trust me… In every scenario you need to or let’s say should write/paint stuff down. In case you do it with a little cosmetics -> Nearly everything is blog-ready…so just do it!

Learn about NSX-T

I had a lot of good sessions about NSX-T which will be on the long (long long) term replacing NSX-v. I feel well prepared now to go this journey and will settle up my homelab within the next weeks. For sure I will try to create some blog posts around it to understand the concepts and differentiations better and better.

Learn about Workspace One Intelligence

I am really in the middle of something here. Loving the Cloud and Automation part, due to my VDI/EUC background I am getting confronted more and more with Workspace One (but hey, it’s all about bridging the gap, isn’t it?). The workspace one vision is so pretty amazing and will change the way we handle and deliver services to the end user.

Since I have seen more about Workspace One Intelligence I am pretty sure that it will change a lot of things in the EUC landscape. Having a solution that tracks the devices, OSs and its applications while bringing automation into that game is a real game changer.

A vulnerability has been published, workspace one intelligence will give you an immediate overview about which devices are affected. Besides that automation steps can be triggered on to remediate patches, notify users or service management tools like ServiceNow.

This product has a very high potential if you ask me and I can’t wait to get my hands-on to it.

Deliver a good presentation at Brian Maddens EUC Forum

The EUC Forum event Brian Madden has organized has been great Fun. Jens Hennig has talked about Workspace One POC and myself tried to explain the downsides of using Windows 10 as a Long Term Services Channel (LTSC). The atmosphere was quite nice and relaxed – and it was indeed a welcomed difference to have a public speaking experience that allows to include one or the other proper (or unproper) joke.

I am not that happy with my performance due to technical issues in the beginning (my USB-C adapter broke) and some weird behaviour in some of Powerpoint animations. Anyway, I hope people enjoyed this funny little talk and have captured the key information about Windows 10 Channels within VDIs. I promise to do much better in my next talk ;-).

Stay Healthy

VMworld in Barcelona is not a good place to stay healthy. Yes you walk around 10kms a day, but at the same time the lack of sleep, high focus level and few drinks lead to a situation where I am just totally done right now.

I hope to see you guys soon and latest at next years VMworld.

Have a safe trip home and thanks a lot.

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